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Mars, Nasa, curiosity rover, gale crater, mount sharp, coatlicue, aztec statue, biomorph, richard dawkins
Coatlicue, Aztec statue, Biomorph, Richard Dawkins,

Yet across the gulf of space 2020

Oil and Acrylic on canvas 300x100cm

Nasa's Curiosity rover landed on Mars on August 6, 2012. The incredible engineering and technical vision is enabling the search for the next genesis, the theme explored in this painting. Coatlicue, an Aztec statue depicting the mother of the sun, is also the name given to the massive second generation star that went supernova 8.5 billion years ago. This supernova seeded the interstellar medium with heavy elements with all the complex atoms that compose our solar system and any life in it. Hanging in the air like the classic space invaders game of the 1980's, are the biomorphs developed by the esteemed evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkin's. Humanity is still taking baby steps in terms of discovering life elsewhere in the universe, and our fragility as a species is echoed in the vulnerability of the infant and the harshness of the Martian environment 

Mars, Nasa, curiosity, gale crater, mount sharp
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